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What is a language exchange?

Language Exchange means the relationship that develops between two families united under a common goal: learning for their children in a different officer to your country or commonly spoken language in an environment-family home where all is shared their daily lives

For this interaction where both families interact involve the most in a relationship where knowledge of a new language for their children is the priority for achieving the desired result is set

If you are a student between 15 and 17 years and you want to live an exchange experience with the possibility to live with a native student, this is your big chance.

An exchange involving two students interact with their families of different nationalities.

In this program it is essential that the student is mature enough to live this “adventure”. Having an emotional autonomy and great adaptability. It requires significant personal involvement, high availability, a good sense of organization / responsibility and, of course, material conditions of sufficient reception from each of the families to develop experience. If you feel ready for this experience, you will offer your child a great linguistic and profit opportunity.

Your son will live with people of another culture, another language. It will be a unique experience to make it more independent and more accountable, without forgetting to learn a language in the most spontaneous way, by speaking with the natives of the country chosen.

This will strengthen their vocabulary and knows the actual accent of the language you want to learn, as spoken by its inhabitants, even with the logical flaws in every language spoken.

Your child will be satisfied living a unique adventure, being single in a foreign country with no one from his family by his side, however, you as a parent, you know the parents of the exchange student chosen by your child, you pactarás with them all the conditions for carrying out such exchange abroad.

That will give great confidence to know that your child will be well cared for at all times, as well attended as sure you pick the friend your child choose to do their exchange students in your own home.

Moreover, when devising this system of exchange of students, we have thought of you as a parent to your child run the least possible risk on their experience.

No particular type of family. Most important to the success of a language exchange it is that both parties agree positively

If, for whatever reason, you find it difficult to meet any of these requirements, the simplest solution is to consider a linguistic package organized by ITERLINGUA

We recommend that the two stays take place during the same year. The period varies considerably and, depending on circumstances, it may range from one to four weeks.

It does not stay or for students traveling abroad for the first time is recommended.

What student can enroll?

INTERLINGUA is open to participation by anyone over 15 who want to learn languages.

A minor needs the authorization mother, father or guardian to perform the exchange program.

With this program we have thought of protecting children’s rights and to avoid the possible risks from the use of the Internet may have to minors.

How does the exchange take place?

A team of INTERLINGUA works to give the best guarantees.
Having decided to make the exchange you must submit documentation to the registration fee.
All participants must submit the following documents:

The documentation must be sent by @ and the original by regular mail to:

ITERLINGUA Street Pedro Rico, 27 esc. 2 5C 28029 SPAIN /

Received the documentation we contacted all our students who wish to exchange several @, video calls, etc. After this first step ITERLINGUA decide if you meet the requirements to participate in the program and then presents 3 records of students with a similar profile

And then selected the candidate, we will contact him and once both hearken approval will realize the payment for the entire program and we will provide the @ so you can get in touch.

We recommend that the contract as much information as possible is put for exchange abroad.

Information must give the host family before making the trip

We provide all users a contract to perform the language exchange.

You can fill it with all your personal data for exchange abroad and to return a signed copy of your host family.

The points that you must take into account and should be reflected in the contract that we recommend to agree with your host family exchange are:


Confirmation of the dates of the trip with sending a photocopy of the ticket.

Transportation from the airport to the family home, if you will be picked up at the airport or will realize by your media. If so it would be interesting to explain to you what is the best means of transport that can be used.


It is interesting to know the eating habits of your family exchange as normal is not match yours, even they are quite different. This may become a more secure than an inconvenience advantage and you habituarás your food with ease.

If your child has to follow a special diet, allergies or any other reason, it is vitally important to address this issue before making student exchanges.


If you are interested in making a special visit to your chosen country, is also an issue that you can deal with your exchange friend.


This aspect is of great importance that should be discussed and agreed in advance to avoid possible problems and misunderstandings when you arrive at your chosen country.

Our recommendation is that any issue affecting your living during your language exchange, meals, customs, house use, schedules, whether previously agreed


The general rule in the case of minors, might foster parents foot the overhead language exchange student chosen by your child.

Should agree in advance which costs will face the host family and the money they recommend take your child for personal expenses.

What should I know before my child travels to another country?

First know what requirements are necessary to enter the country chosen for the exchange and what needs to reside in that country during the agreed time.

Each country has a different policy for the admission of foreigners and there are different types of visas depending on their legislation and origin of the person. As a general rule you can head to the embassy or consulate of your destination country, where you can also apply for a visa if necessary.

If you exchange abroad occurs between two EU citizens a visa is not required.

Also ought to consult the policy regarding the travel of minors unaccompanied by adults of the airline where you book a flight, these rules vary from company to company.


The advantages of our system of multiple exchange students. The most important are all those arising from the personal development of your child to participate in this experience and contribute to its growth.

The advantages of ITERLINGUA over other companies in the market are:

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