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Curso de Idiomas en el Extranjero - Irlanda

Language: English, Irish
Euro coin
Literacy rate: 99
Population: 4,125,000
Capital: Dublin, 1015000
Size: 70,273 square km (27,133 square miles)
Religion: CatólicaRomana
Life expectancy: 81
GDP per capita: US $ 29.300


This island, located in the North Atlantic, has in the west with beautiful cliffs.

Ireland for their hospitality and friendliness. It was chosen the friendliest country in the world twice since 2009 by readers of Lonely Planet.

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General English

Standard General English Course (20 lessons)

The course consists of 20 lessons, focusing on communication skills and vocabulary, for greater security when communicating and better fluency in the use of language resources. This course is the perfect choice for students who want to improve their English studying intensively.

Intensive General English (30 lessons)

The intensive course consists of 30 lessons per week, is structured to work each of the language areas: speaking, writing, oral communication and written communication. However, classes are essentially communicative approach to help express themselves in English.

In this course you can choose to attend classes in the morning or the day divided into morning and afternoon. The teachers of the course has a longer attention to students, to be able to put to your doubts or ask for advice on those aspects of the language in which you think you need to work additionally.

Professional courses

This program is designed for non-native English teachers. It lasts two weeks, during the summer season and includes 30 classes per week in groups. To participate in this course you need to have at least an upper-intermediate (B2) English.

Exam preparation

Preparation for Cambridge exams

The Cambridge exams are recognized qualifications worldwide for large companies and institutions. Our center offers the possibility to prepare the FIRST and CAE, organizing courses in which they work each of the constituent parts of the test and are given guidelines and strategies to meet the challenges that may arise in the exam.

These courses usually begin about 10 to 13 weeks before the announcement of the examination and consist of 20 or 30 lessons of English to prepare the Cambridge exams in the morning or morning and evening. To participate in these courses you must have at least one upper intermediate (B2) English.

Preparation course for IELTS

The IELTS (International Inglés Language Testing System) is aimed at students who wish to enroll in universities and institutions of higher education, but also for professionals who want to work or study in an English-speaking country.

The course consists of 20 or 30 lessons of IELTS exam in the morning and afternoon, where reading, writing and speaking and listening skills, skills that are necessary for examination work.

English course for over 50 years

If you are over 50 and looking to have new unique experience we offer to study English in a wonderful city. Course of two weeks and 20 lessons intensive general English.

Classes are in the mornings and free to enjoy the program of activities proposed by the school afternoons.

The hotel accommodation is on a bed and breakfast. A unique and different experience of discovering Ireland learning English.

English immersion course in the teacher's home

The total immersion course develops English Home Language. Living with the teacher, learning is continuous and specially adapted to the needs of the student. Consist of 15 individual classes per week. One of the best ways to master the language.

Accommodation in Ireland


All schools are preparing an attractive social program activities carried out in the evenings.

On weekends, the schools organize trips for students who wish to enjoy meeting other parts of the country.

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